Why Buy Vitamins and Supplements from Us?

Why not just buy similar supplements at grocery stores or other supplement stores? Because the supplements we sell at Cascade Integrative Pharmacy of Seattle are all subject to rigorous third party quality assurance. This means that someone who is not affiliated with the supplement company makes sure that each capsule, bottle and ingredient is what the supplement label says it is. Many of the supplements at the big chain stores and even at boutique supplement stores are chosen simply because they can be obtained at the cheapest price, allowing the retailer to maximize profits.

When it Comes to Vitamins and Supplements, You Get What You Pay For

Earlier this year, an investigation conducted by the New York Attorney General’s office discovered that a whopping 80% of supplements sold at stores like Target, GNC, and Walgreens did not contain the ingredients and amounts indicated on the label. In fact many contained nutrient-devoid fillers such as powder rice and house plants. Supplements sold at GNC were found to contain powdered soybeans and peanuts, potential hazards for those with nut allergies. Nutraceuticals, that is, medical-grade supplements prescribed by physicians with third party quality control, have been rigorously researched and have demonstrated effectiveness for the health conditions for which they are prescribed. At Cascade Integrative Pharmacy of Seattle, we sell only nutraceutical-grade supplements. And so, you can be confident that the products you purchase from us contain precisely what is indicated on the label.

We hope that our products and services at Cascade Integrative Pharmacy of Seattle provide you with peace of mind and make purchasing your nutritional supplements safer and easier; that has always been, and will continue to be, our goal.