Product Description

Kidz Digest Powder

Breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition for a childŠ—’s healthy growth and development. Kidz DigestŠ was created because we understand there are circumstances that prevent breastfeeding. Supplementing with digestive enzymes supports the digestion of formula and breast milk, assisting the body to maintain a healthy digestive system. Once food is broken down into simple nutrients, the bodyŠ—’s cells and tissues can absorb the resources they need for energy, growth, and repair. Whether breast fed or formula fed, Kidz DigestŠ will support healthy digestion and alleviate the symptoms of occasional gas, cramping, bloating and reduce spitting up.

  • Enzyme Blends. Three enzyme blends work together to encourage a more complete digestion: a protease blend which includes DDP-IV to assist with the digestion of proteins, a lipase blend with 3,000 FIP of activity to assist with the digestion of fats, and a polysaccharolytic blend to assist with the digestion of sugars and starches.
  • Powdered Product. Kidz DigestŠ  in powdered form is easy to administer. Powder can be mixed in a small amount of tepid water, creating a paste that can be put on the tongue or gums of an infant, or dissolved in water and administered with a medicine syringe for babies.
  • Safe and Effective. TransformationŠ  enzyme products have been clinically used for over 20 years to safely and effectively assist with the reduction of food sensitivities that may cause gas, bloating, cramping and on occasion diarrhea, heartburn, and constipation.
  • Health Benefits. TransformationŠ—’s Kidz DigestŠ  is a gentle formula of effective, GI stable digestive enzymes designed to promote optimal digestion of nutrients.
  • Did You Know? Most commercial formulas contain whey (protein) from cowŠ—’s milk, and many use vegetable oils as their source of fats.