Byron White Formulas – A-L Complex, 1 fl oz

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Byron White Formulas – A-L Complex, 1 fl oz



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Product Description

Buy A-L Complex to enhance your immunity and to help treat a variety of immunologic conditions. 

A-L Complex is an oral and herbal supplement used to provide immune support against microbial infections. A-L Complex is frequently used to treat tick-borne infections.

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A-L Complex Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 drop

Servings Per Bottle: 900

Amount Per Serving:

Proprietary Herbal Blend: 0.4 ml

Allium cepa (bulb)

Allium sativum (bulb)

Juglans nigra (hull)

Armoracia rusticana (root)

Zingiber officinale (root)

Smilax officinalis (root)

Syzygium aromaticum (bud)

Coptis chinensis (rhizome)

Gardenia jasminoidis (flower)

Musa paradisiaca (peel)

Artemisia annua (leaf)

Citrus limon (peel)

Astragalas membranaceus (root)

Usnea barbata (lichen)

Other ingredients: Organic grape alcohol (40%), filtered spring water


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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